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Looking good can make you feel good and ready for anything that comes your way. Unfortunately, some dogs don’t feel the exact way about their spa day.


Pets have become an important part of our families.  With the ever increasing growth in the pet service industry, there certainly is a demand for groomers. 

​I hope to share information I needed on how to start up a dog grooming business to help others who want to do the same...

My choice to become a home-based Dog Groomer
I was a stay at home mom for my young children and looking at home-based business ideas, I found the great opportunity to become a dog groomer.  It gave me the flexibility to work around my families busy schedule and offered a way to pay for all my kids extra activities.  Along the way I have met and developed a wonderful

relationship with the pets and their families, people who I probably would not have had an opportunity to get to know and learn so much from.  The benefits of these relationships have been priceless.

The Village Dog Groomer​

What it takes to be a Dog Groomer

Love for animals is first and foremost very important as a groomer, but not only do you have to like animals but also have a great deal of respect, patience, understanding and persistence.  As a groomer you will be dealing with pets who may not consider their grooming as a pampering spa day.

Patience is as important qualities as loving animals, always a calm and caring attitude is the utmost required to groom pets. If you become stressed or angry during the groom, the pet will only become more unmanageable and resist more the next time.

While grooming is essential for a pets health, for most pets the whole process can cause some stress and anxiety so be prepared for scratches, the occasional nips and a sometimes its not just the pet who gets bathed.

Having their owners place their trust in you as a groomer, it is your responsibility to care for their pets, make them comfortable and help them relax , this can also be said of your relationship with the owner. The same as having a good relationship with pets you do need people skills to develop a positive relationship with their owners. The first person who needs to like you is the owner so your success is dependant on them.

 Also being active and having quick reflexes, a strong stomach and a bad sense of smell wouldn’t hurt either. 

How To Start a Successful Home-Based

Dog Grooming Business and Dog Blogs

How Much Can You Make?

The income for a dog groomer can vary depending on the amount of work you want to put into it and the demand in your area.

The average fur-cut is $40.00 for a small dog, an experienced  groomer can easily groom 5 small dogs in about 6 hours. Can you do the math? Once you have paid off your initial investment for the shop set up, your overhead is low, especially if you can operate a home shop.