Suggested Pet Supplies needed to start

Pet Shampoo and other supplies

  • Quality shampoo
  • Tear free face shampoo
  • Hyper-allergenic shampoo
  • Quality Conditioner
  • Flea and Tick Shampoo
  • Flea and Tick premise spray
  • Dog cologne spray
  • Ear cleaner solution
  • Cotton balls
  • Tear Stain Remover Solution
  • Styptic powder- for minor cuts including bleeding nails

Brushes, combs and other tools

  • 7.5 quality steel greyhound comb
  • rubber sided brush
  • small slicker brush
  • large slicker brush
  • Furminater deshedding tool
  • Flea comb
  • Mars  Coat King Stripping Comb large
  • Mars coat king stripping comb medium
  • Mars coat king stripping comb mini
  • Muzzles for various sized dogs from small to large
  • Two Animal clippers (always have a back up in case one breaks)
  • Cool Care and cleaner spray for blades
  • Lubricant for blades
  • Blades for the clippers that are needed and of course you might want to add more:
  • #10
  • #30
  • #40
  • #7FC
  • #4FC
  • #5FC
  • Stainless Steele Universal Guide Combs (used with over your #30 blade)
  • ​Small plastic dog cone
  • Medium plastic dog cone
  • Large plastic dog cone
  • Stainless Steel Curved Pet Hemostat
  • ​3 sizes of bathing loops
  • Grooming loop
  • No sit haunch holder
  • Standard First Aid Kit
  • Towels

Below is my own preference for the minimum number of Shears and Thinners, as you continue to learn you will probably add more:

  • 7.5 Straight shears
  • 7.5 Curved shears
  • 6.5 Straight ball tip shears
  • Double Thinning Shears
  • Single Thinning Scissors/ Blenders:

Nail clippers

  • Large dog nail clipper
  • Pet nail clipper
  • Designer small nail clipper curved ( look like scissors)
  • Special Note:  *not a fan of guillotine style nail clippers*​

Heavy Equipment

  • Grooming Table with arm and clamps
  • Bathing station
  • Dog Drier
  • Pet containment pen – a moveable fencing area to have waiting pets in rather than cages

Office Items

  • All breed dog grooming guide book for reference- it helps to communicate the dog grooming styles to the client for their pup.
  • Appointment book
  • Cash box with a float to make change if dealing with cash
  • Plastic bags on hand for pet washroom accidents as well as paper towel and cleaner

Groomers apparel

  • Grooming smock
  • Grooming apron
  • Nylon pants
  • *I like to wear a nice cap to keep my hair neat, as the pets look better, I tend to look worse*